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Distinctive Independent Wealth Management

About Newmyer Wealth Management

Newmyer Wealth Management, established in 2005, is a value-driven firm dedicated to positively impacting the lives of individuals and families through customized financial advice and independent wealth management services.  The firm's daily mission is to enhance the financial well-being of clients, fulfilling their goals, dreams, and desires for the future.


Meet Steve Newmyer - Chief Wealth Advisor

Steve Newmyer, the Chief Wealth Advisor, brings over 30 years of financial experience to Newmyer Wealth Management.  His career began at a local, hometown bank while he was attending Texas A&M University.  After graduation, he went on to join JPMorgan Chase.  His career there covered 12 years, primarily serving high net-worth individuals in The Private Bank.  With a passion for personalized financial services, Steve founded Newmyer Wealth Management, utilizing his extensive market knowledge and decades of experience in real estate and financial services.

Steve's diverse interests include running, golf, charitable support, and world travel.


More About Newmyer Wealth Management


As an independent practice, Newmyer Wealth Management upholds a fiduciary responsibility to act in the best interest of clients.  Their commitment to excellence surpasses industry standards, and being free from proprietary products allows for a customized, client-centric approach.  The firm distinguishes itself by avoiding mutual funds, opting for personalized portfolios aligned with client goals and risk tolerance.


Wealth Management Guided By Your Dreams And Desires


Newmyer Wealth Management offers a unique wealth planning experience, providing greater personal attention and customization compared to nationwide investment management firms. Clients benefit from a bespoke approach throughout all of the journey in life.


Why Choose Newmyer Wealth Management?

  1. Personal Attention: A commitment to building relationships, understanding dreams, and providing tailored services.

  2. Independence and Integrity: Foundational values that drive personalized solutions focused on client needs.

  3. Discipline: A disciplined approach to planning and investment management, proven to make a difference.


Experience the difference in personal attention, independence, integrity, and discipline. Contact Newmyer Wealth Management today to begin realizing your financial goals and dreams.

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