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Distinctive Independent Wealth Management

About Us

Newmyer Wealth Management was created in 2005 to be a value-driven firm with a passion to positively impact the lives of individuals and families with customized financial advice and independent wealth management services.  It is our daily mission is to enhance the financial well-being of our clients to fulfill their goals, dreams and desires for the future. 

Get to Know Steve

Steve Newmyer is the Chief Wealth Advisor of Newmyer Wealth Management.  He is responsible for working with clients to determine their financial goals, create personal wealth strategies and independently manage client investments based on their unique needs and objectives.

His financial career of almost 30 years started while attending Texas A&M University as he worked for a growing bank.  After graduation, he continued his banking career at JPMorgan Chase.  He enjoyed 12 great years there while spending most of his time in The Private Bank serving high net worth individuals.  From there, Steve established Newmyer Wealth Management to follow his passion.  He utilizes his knowledge in the markets, 40 years of experience in real estate and almost 30 years of practice in financial services to serve his clients better than others in the industry.

Steve enjoys many things in life.  You may find him running at a park or in a half marathon as well as playing golf, supporting various charities or traveling the world.  

More about Newmyer Wealth Management

As an independent practice, we hold a fiduciary responsibility to act in the best interest of our client. We hold ourselves to the highest standard possible, surpassing the standards of other firms. Further, we are not bound by proprietary products and services, which allows us to customize our approach and deliver the best strategies and solutions for individualized needs.

Our firm is distinctive because we use an investment management approach that doesn't use mutual funds as an investment tool. Mutual funds and ETFs often hold investments that are undesirable for our clients, adding unnecessary risk or creating unwanted tax obligations. We rely on creating personal portfolios that directly reflect our client's individual goals, objectives, and risk tolerance.

Wealth Management Guided By Your Dreams And Desires

We can offer greater personal attention and customization beyond what you may be experiencing today because we are an independent team. A nationwide investment management firm lacks the flexibility to adapt to current markets with you personally in mind. Our clients enjoy a bespoke wealth planning experience that will last for decades. You are more than the sum of your investments and you are worthy of a firm working with you throughout all of the cycles of your life. 

Why choose Newmyer Wealth Management?  There are three key reasons:

  • Personal Attention

  • Independence and Integrity

  • Discipline

Personal Attention

We value building a relationship with you and pay close attention to your dreams, desires and aspirations. That’s the only way we can offer you the tailored services and individualized approach you require and deserve. We think you’ll notice the difference in our approach from the very first meeting.

Independence and Integrity

As the foundational values of our firm, independence and integrity drive the work we do every day. Maintaining an independent practice allows us to focus squarely on your needs and personalize everything we do.


We use a disciplined approach to planning and investment management. Through thoughtful and thorough evaluation of our client’s needs, we make recommendations and principled decisions to grow your wealth. Over the years, our discipline has proven to be a difference in helping others like you.

Experience the difference that personal attention, independence, integrity, and discipline can make on your future. Let us help you make your financial goals a reality by contacting us today.

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