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Investment Management

Disciplined Investment Management Services

Attempting to manage your portfolio alone often means smaller gains and bigger risks than enlisting the help of a trusted advisor.  Your investments and retirement are too critical not to obtain an objective voice with the experience and background to manage through different economic cycles and execute sound investment strategies to grow and protect your wealth.

We begin with an understanding of your objectives and goals. Next, we rely on extensive research to develop an investment strategy that meets your needs. We execute that strategy with strict adherence to your investment objectives.

One of our key hallmarks is that we do not use mutual funds as an investment tool. They do not provide the personalized portfolio creation and, at times, create unnecessary tax liabilities. In addition, they create more risk than you might expect.

Our focus is always on you and your own unique risk and reward tolerance.

Below is our management fee schedule, lower than many mutual funds and other investment advisors, while still maintaining our personal and custom service for you.

Management Fees

Assets Under Management Fee*

  • From $ 0.00 to $ 999,999.99                         - 1.00%

  • From $ 1,000,000.00 to $4,999,999.99         - 0.80%

  • From $ 5,000,000.00 to $9,999,999.99         - 0.60%

  • From $10,000,000.00+                                  - 0.40%

*Minimum fee of $2,000, not to exceed 3%. Fees may be negotiated based on total household of assets and/or special circumstances. Fees for fixed income asset management may be lower.

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